Monday, 24 September 2012

Leaky conservatory

Good Evening. For the last 24 hours almost it has rained non stop here and everywhere is soaking wet. Having recently moved house we are still discovering things that we have inherited from the previous people and today's find seems to be a leaky conservatory roof. It didn't leak previously in the summer when it rained a lot. It is only a slight leak and maybe its due to having had a months rainfall overnight but nevertheless it is time for another tradesman to come out just when I thought I'd said cheerio to the last one. Hopefully it wont be too expensive as we are having a friend of a friend come out to take a look. TTFN x


  1. Just got rid of workmen today from our house. Why is it they work on a different time frame to everyone else?

    Gill in Canada

  2. What a nuisance! We had a leak but our lovely neighbour did the work for us.

    I really hope you get it sorted out, and as painlessly as poss.

    Great result on those jeans. I found some lovely trousers for Africa in M and S for £12 so I may look again in the future if they are more economical.

    I totally agree with batch cooking. We've been much more organised this week and it's a blessing that we have food to hand in case we are late home over the next few days.

    Sft x

    1. I was only just reading your blog ! Man is coming out tomorrow so will find out the damage then !!