Monday, 10 September 2012

Cooking once, eating twice

Evening all. I feel really tired today and my husband offered to cook tea. I am not knocking his kind offer but it was comical as I had cooked the meal yesterday. Trying to cut costs and save time, I am cooking meals to last a day or two again. Yesterday we had roast chicken and I made enough veg for the same meal at dinner again tonight. The chicken even saw us through for yummy chicken wraps for supper and a couple for our lunch today at work. Tomorrow I will be making a bolognese/chili for tea on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have the generic ingredients for both , onions mushrooms and peppers both topped off with some grated cheese at the table. Tomorrow I am giving Tescos Everyday Penne pasta a try, I think it was about 39p for a bag. I am trying the value brands to see how they work out. TTFN x


  1. I love to cook once and eat twice. Always more frugal to plan that way, a time saver and great for when you are tired. Even if we don't have the same meal again I like having pieces of a "new" meal ready.

  2. That is a good price for pasta, maybe we should try it.

    Just catching up with your previous posts.

    School uniform-so expensive but unavoidable as you say.

    Good work on the Christmas food. Mr Sft and I are considering having Christmas morning on our own this year. Have to see how that goes.

    Sounds like you are unpacking and organising sensibly and not overdoing it. Well done.

    Cook once eat twice, excellent idea. I don't blame you!

    Sft x