Saturday, 8 September 2012

I am '' Little Red Hen''

Who remembers the story of Little Red Hen ? I am that Hen at the moment ! This post is a bit of a moan so look away now if you don't want to read my gripes !! I have just moved into my new house and with the exception of my parents , no one else has helped us in any way shape or form. This includes family and friends who I have helped in numerous ways over the years and also in recent months. Since we completed in May I have been in a mess , like most people, working to financial and time constraints. I have been working at my place of work, then working into the evenings at my house most days and weekends. Eating meals out of sync, keeping my daughter amused as she was completely bored with us working away. Fetching, carrying back and forth etc etc.No one has offered to help, babysit or give us a welcome hot meal or packed lunch ! Now here's where it gets a bit ' Henny'! Now we have moved in, these people who have lay back dormant, silent and invisible seem to be reappearing , suggesting come dine with me meals and housewarming parties. Is it me fellow bloggers or do you also think its a bit of a cheek ? I try to stay positive but this has shown me what short memories people seem to have and how people are willing to take but not give.


  1. I think it's a LOT of a cheek, especially if they are people you have helped, but who have failed to offer any help to you. I'd be inclined to tell them that you're having a housewarming for the people who helped you , and it will be a very small and intimate affair as so few people did. I spent years 'giving' to friends - time, help, clothes, furniture etc and one in particular couldn't even be bothered to walk around the corner to see me after I'd been in hospital - our back gardens were diagonal to each other. I now live in my little bubble, and I like it that way.

    1. Hi Scarlet, Hope you are well. I too am looking forward to being in my own bubble. Some things have been my own fault where I have 'given' too much and I now realise I have to think before I volunteer and say 'yes' to everything asked of me. Live and learn !!

  2. I think they're called 'fair-weather' friends. Sod'em and stay in your bubble. Best wishes. x

  3. Sending you *hugs*...i think its very rude!! i agree that i have also learnt this lesson and happy to say i very much enjoy life in my little bubble. From what i have read of the blog so far you have worked very hard to settle into your new house, i hope you will be very happy! :)