Saturday, 24 August 2013

Starting to prepare for the winter months

Although its still August I am thinking ahead to the dark nights and winter months. I've started to make a few preparations so I'm organised in good time. Here are some things I have been doing lately;

Central Heating and Gas fire check;

I've had them on for a very short while as I want to make sure that everything is in working order. If not I don't want any nasty surprises when its cold to find that it doesn't work and I have a huge bill for repairs. If you have to call someone out now they are probably not as much in demand either as when its cold and everyones boilers are breaking down.

Clothes and shoes;

In the good weather I have washed the winter coats, found all my scarves and gloves and put them all nicely together along with umberellas. I have sorted out my socks and thick tights and I have alos found out my snow boots and other winter boots ready for the bad weather. I have these all to hand so if I wake up to snow one day I am good to go.

Food Store;

I have started to restock my garage with non perishable items. In last years snow we were well stocked when the bad snow came so we had no worries about getting out to the shops.

Some change;

Again in the snow I had to get the bus into work some days. The main roads were not to bad but where I live the side roads were very slippy and dangerous. I didn't want to risk accident or injury with my own car so jumped on the bus a few times.

Scrapers. De icer and snow grit;

These are usually lurking around in bargain bins during the summer so I stock up.

Blankets and hot water bottles;

Again all blankets laundered and ready at hand if the cold strikes.

Candles and Matches;

Another store cupboard item just in case of any power cuts, I have strategically placed around my house a candle in each room. If the power goes I know exactly where the matches are and also spare candles.


  1. This is such a wise post. When I return home I'm going to get cracking too.


    Sft x

  2. There must be something in the water as my mind has been turning to winter too recently! I live in hope, that if I'm prepared for a harsh winter it may surprise me by being a mild one!

  3. Good ideas miss PB. I will get going here as we get bad snow. Could definatley do with some grit for the path.

  4. Morning Ladies. Its learning from experience !! Last winter after I moved I couldn't find everything so I wanted to be better organised this year. xx