Thursday, 1 August 2013

Food Banks

Hi Bloggers. Like many of you I have seen a few blogs about Food Banks over the last few days. Its something that I have heard about but never really thought about. I suppose that could be said for a lot of people that you see things and think what a good idea they are but then the thought stops there. Reading about Food Banks made me think about our own situation a few years ago when we faced redundancy and the dark days that consumed us until my husband was fortunate enough to get another job just three weeks before he was due to leave his employer. In the preceding months of his redundancy date I had made my own food bank. I stock piled lots of tins ,non perishable goods and toiletries etc and I bought as many supermarket stamps as I could to prepare ourselves. We were very lucky that it didn't come to that for our family and I suppose that we may have been in the position ourselves where we would have had to use the services of a Food Bank. After reading the articles yesterday I contacted my local councillor and he told me where I could take any donations locally. I think I will start to buy a few items each week and then maybe do a drop off once a month .


  1. That is a lovely thought, and I would suggest you do what you can. Tinned tomatoes, beans, any veg, dried pasta, breakfast cereals, UHT milk, tea, coffee, sugar. Don't forget toilet rolls, shower gel, soap, shampoo. Just think about the things that you wouldn't be able to afford if you were suddenly on a very restricted budget. Current thinking -from A Girl Called Jack- is that you donate a 'Latte' roughly £3 to a foodbank. I got lots of this from Tesco this week for just under £3 - tinned peas, carrots, kidney beans, potatoes, sweetcorn, peaches, pineapples and cornflakes. I'll be taking it to the Foodbank on Sunday as we move to new premises, donated for a year, free of charge by a local business.

    1. Thanks Janet, I'll be having a look when I am at Tesco next :-)

  2. TOILET ROLLS! Donating regularly is a great idea. We've never had really tough times but if everyone helps each other then it's there for the future for anyone who needs it.

    Great Post!

    Sft x