Sunday, 25 August 2013

Four months today is Christmas Day

Love it or loathe it but Christmas is fast approaching. I ,like many people , prepare in advance and I have bought cards in the January sales and gifts throughout the year when money and time allows. I find this suits me as I then don't feel stressed again with time and money in December when most peoples shopping marathon begins. I also get any stamps I need well in advance and post my cards during the first week in December, wherever possible I hand deliver. I try and fit in any visits in the week running up to the day itself to hand out gifts and then that just leaves gifts for my immediate family and anyone else who I will be with on the day. This year I think we will be having dinner at home so soon I will be stocking up for the meal. I usually begin my 'Christmas Hamper' around now whereby I purchase something each week and put it aside in a box for Christmas. In fact I already have my first item, a Christmas pudding which I bought in the January sales half price. The puddings have long dates and mine is dated well into next years new year. I like Christmas but I don't like a big cost, that's why I always plan ahead as best I can.

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  1. I did manage to buy a couple of gifts in a charity shop the other day. You are so right about buying through the year-it so takes the stress out of Christmas.

    I hadn't thought about stamps, but i should as I'm going to start getting gifts wrapped and cards written soon, especially for those in OZ.

    Sft x