Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Pay Day

Both my husbands and my own employer pay us early ahead of Christmas. Our paydays are usually at the end of each month but each year both , separate, employers pay us before December 25th. A lot of people like this as they think it gives them extra money over the Christmas period however come January they have the harsh realisation that they then have a 5 week month to survive until the next pay day at the end of the month. I personally don't like being paid early, I would much prefer to keep things as they are the rest of the year. One employer I had many years ago used to pay their staff 1/13th each pay day. It was a bit weird to begin with as obviously you do get less each month, but you got used to that. The big bonus was that in December you got paid 2/13ths so it was great to get two months pay in one go.


  1. I agree that being paid early can bring BIG problems in January!

    Sft x

  2. J usually gets paid on the last Thursday of each month but will be paid a week early - the 21st December. That means it should be 6 weeks before he gets paid again as January has 5 Thursdays, but he will be paid a week earlier in January too. It doesn't really make much difference to us, as everything goes out on a direct debit and because there's money in the bank a bit earlier than normal doesn't make us spend it.I can imagine it causes problems for people who are inclined to spend though.

    1. I've known people spend it all by New Years Eve then have nothing until the end of January ! I have never been that bad!