Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Hamper Update

I have been trying to cut the cost of Christmas by buying an item each week with my regular shop to not only cut cost but save time and energy in the madness before the big day.

After our Christmas lunch we like to have cold cuts and nibbles in the evening and then again the next day. I like slices of turkey with picked red cabbage, yum yum.

Recently I have picked up some more goodies to add to our stash;

Quiche Lorraine which was reduced from £2.59 to 46p, was freezable so in it went !
Pack of 5 different cheeses - £4
Brussels Pate ( with January date ) £1
Key Lime Pie £2
Cream , on offer 2 for £1 - long dates so can use later if not consumed at Christmas
Frozen Sprouts £1

Here's what I already had in stock ;

Christmas Pudding - Bought after Christmas last year
Brandy Sauce - Bought recently reduced but long date
Cranberry Sauce - Bought recently reduced but long date
Bread Sauce - Supermarket
Pickled Onions - Bought a few weeks ago , on offer
Pickled Cabbage - Bought a few weeks ago, on offer
Beetroot - Bought a few weeks ago, on offer
Crackers - Bought from B&M 79p, long date -price in supermarket £1.99
Bread sticks - Supermarket
Custard - Bought on offer recently
Turkey Crown ( feed 6-8 people ) in freezer - £10 bought recently
Gammon Joint ( in freezer) - £5 - bought on offer recently
6 bottles of wine ( 3 red, 3 white - bought on offer 3 for £10 from Asda )

Do you have a stash or are you getting it all in one go nearer the time ?


  1. I've got everything I need. I haven't really bought much extra as we're not having any guests and all 3 of us are still losing weight - we've now lost over 7.5 stones between us! We're having mushroom and nut Wellington for lunch so I will need to get some mushrooms nearer the day. I've bought some profiteroles for KL as she really wanted them, and I'll make some mince pies to go with the soya cream ( long dated ) that I bought ages ago, a fat free fruit cake and some vegan brownies.It's good to know that I'm not going to be battling around the shops, as I can just pop into the small local supermarket for the mushrooms.

  2. 7.5 stones thats great ! The food sounds a lot but will last over a few days. I like the cold cuts and pickles :-)The wellington sounds nice, do you have a receipe ?

    1. I used to love cold cuts - it will seem very strange not cooking my ham on Christmas Eve or making my sausagemeat stuffing. The recipe for the Wellington is here-

      I'll use linseeds as an egg substitute to bind the mixture and omit the marsala. The pastry will be a real treat as we eat low fat most of the time.

    2. I may give that a try sounds nice x

  3. I got a HUGE gammon joint this morning at half price. A really unexpected blessing.
    I am planning to make and freeze some profiteroles next week

    1. I have been looking for gammon bargains for a while now but nothing doing here. I like to cook it then have it for next few days. Never gotten around to doing profiteroles but saying that I know for a fact they would not last long x

  4. Well done!! Saving pennies is essential even at Christmas!