Friday, 15 June 2012

Gas & Elec Meter ..Continued

Hi folks and thanks for your comments regarding the prepaid meters. I have googled them but there is so much contradictory information. I am annoyed because either way it is going to cost me more money through no fault of my own, either pay inflated prices with the key or pay to have them taken out ! I had a conversation yesterday with someone about it and their argument was that I shouldn't have bought the house then as I knew those meters were in there ! If that was the case no properties would ever get sold because there is always something you dislike or needs updating/repairing ! In the short term I need to have the key to have power to do jobs but when I move in I will get the meters changed I think. It is a different provider to the one I have always used so if it is that I do have to pay , then I may as well pay my existing provider to remove them and keep my business with them. I could keep the key and see how I get on but I think it is inconvenient to have to keep going and topping it up every week or so. Have a good weekend x


  1. I woudl argue the toss with them. They can do it!

    I spoke to another provider who said they woudl fit me a gas meter for nothing and remove the econ 7 - Once I foudn this out - it was npower and Scottish power who were being twats i tolfd them got put through to managements and presto they done what they could to keep my custom!!!!
    All I wanted to do was continue to buy their product!!!!

  2. Yes, I would definitely ring your current supplier if you are thinking of staying with them. Like Eeek said, they will want to keep your custom.