Thursday, 14 June 2012

Gas and Electricity Key Meters ???????????

Help ! Does anyone have any knowledge about the key/card meters please ? Our new property has both due to the previous owner being in financial difficulty and I have learned that we have to pay to have the meters taken out , at a cost of around £50 per meter. I have never had these type of meters before and have heard they can be quite costly as the power is more expensive to buy per unit than having a regular meter.


  1. Sorry, no idea. I would have thought that a lot of companies would have been happy to take them out, because then you will definitely be paying them every month!!

  2. Sorry can't help, have your tried googling them to see what comes up?

    Bee happy x
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  3. This has just happened to us, although we were with npower, and the new house is with them too, so I think that's why they have agreed to change them for free. They totally mucked it all up, passed me from one department to another, I had to go 6 miles each way to find a shop that had a gas card, so I have made a huge fuss and received £30 compensation cheque today (with £10 extra yet to come). Actually the real reason I caused a huge fuss was because I was sleep deprived and driven mad by the whole affair and I couldn't HELP sobbing down the phone. My advice would be to ring them and make their lives hell until you DO get them to change them for free. I also seem to remember moneysavingexpert having something about this, possibly in the weekly email a week or two ago. Something about changing suppliers to one who will change the prepayment meters for free, I think.
    You have my utmost sympathy!

  4. I just had a look at
    Sorry don't know how to do a link,but I searched the site for prepayment meters. There's loads of information there.

  5. My son has these meters due to him being in a rented house and the landlord says he HAS to keep them. They do cost you a lot more in gas and electricity charges, every unit is a higher cost than the normal 'pay every quarter' or DD monthly bills.

    You should be able to get then taken out for free if you shop around. Good Luck.

    Sue xx

  6. I would demand having them taken out. I have in the past having been a good customer! I threatened leaving for another company and they accepted it!

    When I arranged to have central heating and wanted rid of economy seven meters I done a similar thing as they wanted to charge me for changing meters!!!! They said it was my choice and my responsibility. I said I wanted to now buy my gas from them so required a gas meter and would in effect be giving them more money!!! rather than just electricity. It works if you threaten to leave they can waiver charges!