Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bathroom Shower

Thank you for all your messages and kind wishes.We are trying to get as many jobs done before we move in. One job was a new bathroom shower , the old one looked ancient. The property had a new bathroom fitted but they had kept the old shower. When we had the new one installed , we found new property surprise number 1. The shower had been sealed onto the wall and not fixed on properly. Also inside the shower it was not wired up correctly so wouldn't have worked ! I had a budget of £100 for a new shower and managed to get one over the Bank Holiday for £69 in the sale. A friend fitted it for free as a nice favour so £31 goes back in the kitty. How many other surprises will I find ?


  1. Hope you don't find too many more nasty surprises. We found a wall had been removed without the addition of a lintel and that the gas fire had been disconnected and was just there for show - we were quite pleased about that one though as it was monstrous and saved us paying to have it disconnected. Good price on the new shower!

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