Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sporting a new wardrobe, cheaply

Afternoon all. When I was off work I decided to get a few new bits and bobs to cheer me up and try and pull myself out the gloom a little. I bought quite a few things that I wouldn't normally wear in terms of colour and style but was feeling that a change would do me good. I even managed to find two dresses that fit me which I was very surprised about. In addition to the post I wrote recently about my newest acquisitions, this is what else I bought when I was out chazzing;

A long red morino wool cardigan £3 from Cats Protection in Llandudno
A grey V neck short sleeved Monsoon sweater £2.79 from Scope in Llandudno.
A black and white wrapover style dress £4.79 from BHF in Llandudno
A red patterned tea dance style dress £7 from BHF in Caernarfon
A black and red spot see through chiffon blouse from BHF Sutton Coldfield £2.99
A cerise M&S cardigan £4 from BHF Lichfield

I'm sure there's more but I can't think but I have worn these items to work and other places and received many compliments. In fact I feel quite embarrassed as I'm not used to compliments and don't know what to say, of course I say thank you but its different for me as it doesn't usually happen. That makes me think how did I look before ?

I would probably go as far as to say I have never been so well dressed and the funny thing is its all charity shopped. Colleagues have asked if I am going for an interview and some have quipped ' who is he ?' And as for dresses, aside from my wedding dress, I haven't worn a dress for about 25 years. Its amazing how a different piece of clothing can make you feel !


  1. Another nice sounding haul there! Great to see you've managed to snaffle a few woolies as well, good ones can be so expensive at shop price. Any chance of photos?

  2. Not sure if you still check in on your blog. The BHF have had that sale on for three weeks now and I've got some good bits. The new shop is a bit pricey.
    Your £1 jacket came from a boutique in Stockport, its not designer or anything posh but here's a real freaky story, my friend's late Mum used to work there in the 1970s! If your daughter decides she doesn't want it or if she grows out of it I'd love to buy it off you and surprise my friend. x

  3. Just checking in to say I hope you are doing okay. x