Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It has been a while since my last blog ............

Hello bloggers and hope you are keeping well. I haven't blogged in quite a while but firstly thank you to those of you who have sent me messages and kind wishes xxx. I haven't blogged as I haven't felt I had anything to say to be honest , I still read other blogs and comment from time to time. For me this year has been a bit of a weird one in ways that I can't go into publicly. Areas of myself have changed, hopefully for the better. I no longer ( or at least try not to ) let the words/actions of others grind me down like I did previously. I try and be a better friend to myself. Amazingly by my standards and lack of will power, I continue to go to my exercise class twice a week which I have been doing since the summer. I have lost about 5kg in weight and this has enabled me to dig out some old stuff from the wardrobes which people have complimented me on. '' Nice shoes/trousers/skirt'' etc friends and colleagues have mentioned but its all old stuff, nothing new. Same with make up, I have lots in stock bought in the bygone era of shopping trips and days out. I've started wearing it now and people have noticed which I find awkward. I find it awkward when people compliment it me as I'm not used to it, I have been a bit of a frump for so long I suppose you get used to going unnoticed. I had my hair cut , shorter than usual and more choppy. As I sat there I didn't feel consumed with dread as it was being snipped off, I was feeling quite brave and not worried like I would have been before. Socially my ( our ) life has improved, since moving house we have made more friends and have been out more. Don't get me wrong we are not out all weekend clubbing but the occasional drink and meal with friends has been very nice and a welcome change. I am still at college and sit my exams in the summer. The work can be hard but I have enjoyed the challenge and meeting new people. I'm intending to do another course in September, something different but to keep the old grey matter ticking along. Frugally, I still like to save money and cut costs where possible. I have been able to keep up my mortgage overpayment that I started last year which I am really pleased about but I am making sure that I am enjoying life now. Lots of people have mixed views on this but I have seen so many people over the last couple of years robbed of their retirement through ill health and bereavement I feel its important to enjoy yourself whilst you still have the physical means to do so. We had a great family holiday this year that we all thoroughly enjoyed and we hope to do the same next year, money permitting. My daughter is about to become a teenager soon and she wont always want to be with 'Mom & Dad ' so these times I feel are precious. So as this year comes to a close I feel I'm in a good place/ Bye for now :-)


  1. How great to see you blogging. I often check up to see if you have as you often used to comment on my blog. You do sound so similar to me. Life has taught me that a lot of people are total ar*e holes who delight in being nasty. Don't let the bastards grind you done is an old saying and one to remember. I always think that people who,are horrible have miserable lives cos if they had a brilliant one they would be happy. Get out there and live, go on holiday. You do what you want to save money, we can't all be milling our own flour, making our own bread and dresses from sacks.
    Great to have you back and good luck with a teenage daughter. Keep in touch, we miss you. X

  2. Like FIB I've often 'popped in' to see if you'd posted anything ( just in case I'd missed a post). It's hard not to be affected by the words/actions of others, particularly if they catch you at a vulnerable moment. As I said in my profile, I'm rediscovering that 'hard centre' which has got me through so much. It's good to know that it is still there and can be brought to the fore if necessary. I've never been one for sackcloth and ashes, so whilst we are overpaying the mortgage we do enjoy ourselves too - even if we don't have much money. J and I are all too aware that retirement may never come ( his Dad died at 61, mine at 55), so it's important to make the most of things, despite what some bloggers would have their readers believe ( they're not always truthful in what they write). We had the time of our lives in the DR this year, and whilst we know that we're never likely to get there again, it doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't have holidays. You sound as if you are in a good place at the moment - long may it continue and well done on the weight loss!! xx

  3. You are new to me but you sound so familiar, I always say that I am as frugal as I want to be. I like a bargain and make it my goal to pay full price for as little as possible. Every time that I see something that I use on a good offer or in the RTC section I snap it up. Last week I cleared the shelf of my favourite stick deodorant, I now have 14 lined up and I saved over £14, that saving will do my shopping for 3 weeks, I am only buying dairy and top ups of fresh veg. I am a quilter and my fabric comes from the Charity Shop as vintage sheets and men's shirts and new from my local quilt shop and the odd on line purchase. I holiday at least 4 times a year in Wales, I love it. Do your thing and have no guilty feelings, both my parents died in their early 70's and they lived every day to the full. As for your weight loss it shows that you are focused on what is important to you, a big well done.

    1. Hi Pam and thanks for your comment. Great minds think alike ! We also go to Wales, mainly Snowdonia as we love it there. x