Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Still exercising

Hi Bloggers and hope you are keeping well. Not much happening here not at least to write about anyway. I have been continuing with my exercise regime since the beginning of the school holidays , which for me is massive as I usually throw in the towel after the first few attempts. I have been going to zumba at least twice a week sometimes three. I feel so much more energetic and capable. I went to a party two weeks ago and whereas normally I might muster a dance and then sit down puffed out, I was up bopping away for some considerable time and didn't feel the need to call an ambulance thereafter. Also I have managed to lose weight, since I first weighed myself four weeks ago, I weighed in again this week and have lost a total of 2.8 kilos which I am very pleased. I even wore a knee length skirt to work which caused nearly all my colleagues to comment upon , as I usually wear a long skirt for work. I have a dress that I am hoping to slim into, so all being well I could wear it at Christmas if I am lucky. Bye for now


  1. Glad to hear that it's all going well. Jx

  2. Well done you! I don't exercise enough - just yoga and dog-walking at the moment - but really enjoy it when I make the effort. Just can't figure out why I don't just get on with it - must be my age!! My work mates would collapse if I wore anything shorter than 35 inch skirts. Actually, so might the dogs - my legs are an 'acquired taste'...