Monday, 27 May 2013

Pork Aplenty !!!

Afternoon Bloggers and I hope you are enjoying your bank holiday whatever you are up too. We have had a lie in and general lazy day before heading to the supermarket to pick up a few bits. Its near the end of the month and time to stock up, however that's not why I went but I managed to swoop up some meaty bargains so my freezer is restocked for the weeks ahead. Its mainly pork but that's OK it will all get eaten. Here's what we got ;

5 twin packs of bacon chops 62p per pack, reduced from £2.49 per pack.
2 twin packs of gammon steaks £1.13 per pack, reduced from £4.50 per pack
Gammon joint £2.97 reduced from £11.87 ( and that was on offer half price !! )
Chicken goujons 57p, reduced from £2.25
Steak mince 56p , reduced from £2.29
6 pork loin steaks £1, reduced from £4.

All for the sum of £10.46 ( should have been £41.86)

Its all in the freezer except for the gammon joint. Its so big I haven't the room for it so its now in the slow cooker and we'll eat it over the next few days.


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