Friday, 24 May 2013

Almost that time of year uniform

Hi Bloggers and thank you to those who left me kind messages earlier this week. Its hard to believe that June is almost upon us. The schools break up today for a week and when they return I think my daughter has eight weeks left before the summer holidays. She told me the other day that she would like some new school trousers to which I retorted I'm not buying anything for the remainder of this school year and she would have to make do with what she has. That then reminded me that I had an expense that I had forgotten about and that was new uniform for September. I have been lucky with school shoes that have lasted from last September and I hope they make it through until July. I always buy Clark's school shoes as I find cheap shoes are false economy, but now she is in ladies sizes they are more expensive. The brogues that are suitable for school are around £50, a new blazer is £40 , shirts and trousers are needed also so I am probably looking at around £150. I'm not buying new PE kit and I hope the trainers will be OK size wise as they are practically like new, worn once a week during the good weather months. Her school coat she has worn rarely only in bad weather , which still fits so that is another expensive I don't have to find. Luckily I have the opportunity to work extra hours at the moment so I am trying to equate my extra shifts to an item needed and cross it off the list like that. Some parents have the uniform dry cleaned during the holidays, I have washed mine in the machine and have found it to be OK. Extra hours help me out at times like this but another savings pot may be needed from September onwards so I could then save towards the annual expense for next years uniform.


  1. All students are given a $150 Back to School Voucher in our state at the beginning of the year to spend at school on school uniforms, stationary and school camps. My daughter's school provides the stationary so that just leaves school uniforms. $150 is huge amount of money as the simple tropical dresses costs $40 each and I had already picked a few up the year before for a couple of dollars at my local op shop.

  2. Hi FDU, no such luck here, you have to buy it all yourself :-(

  3. Glad to have you back-missed you.

  4. Hi Miss Piggy Bank,
    How old is she/what size?

    I might be able to help with white shirts; others might too.

    I agree that uniform is an expense outlay.

    1. Hi she is 11 but wears age 13. I'm just washing the uniform now as its sunny here so I want to get in dried whilst its nice x