Wednesday, 11 July 2012

One room finished, only eight to go !

Finally I have one room finished ! I have redecorated the box room and the nice carpet fitter man came today to lay the carpet. I can now start to use that room for storage whilst the other rooms are being finished. I was like Queen Bee today with my workers all busy around me. I had one workman doing the loft insulation, one doing the cavity wall and another fitting the carpet. The loft is like a room of clouds with all the new thick insulation lay down. I can't wait to be inside my new house all toasty !!


  1. Don't talk to me about loft insulation! Having cleared the contents of our loft on Tuesday,down to the bathroom and spare room, I raised so much dust that my husband spent all night struggling to breathe!!

    But I know that come the winter we will appreciate the extra warmth. Blessings xx

  2. Hi Angela, I'm just flabbergasted that I've had it done for free ! I am looking forward to being warm this winter :-)