Thursday, 12 July 2012

Gold Cash In

I have cashed some old jewellery in today. I have had these items in my jewellery box for years and could not possibly tell you the last time I got them out let alone wore them. I decided to cash them in as they were not sentimental pieces. I cashed in a necklace, bracelet and a few old rings. I got back £270 cash which I am going to put towards some stuff I need for the new house. I saw some items at Ikea that I wanted, a new bed for my daughter and a cabinet which came to coincidentally £269. I am going to use my cash bonus to buy the items. I may even treat myself to a lucky dip with the leftover £1.... TTFN x


  1. Fantastic!! Well done.

    My Ikea draws that I purchased second hand 2 years ago (in great condition) has fallen apart. It couldn't handle the tropical humidity in the monsoon season. I need to get it out of the bedroom and to the dump this week. No wonder Ikea doesn't have a shop here. It likes cooler weather.

  2. Great idea,good luck with that lucky dip x

  3. Yes, I agree a good idea. I could get rid of some of my things at some point.

    Sft x

  4. Please accept a 'One Lovely Blog' award from me

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    1. Hi Carry Tim, thanks you are right about the preventative maintenance. we actually had our loft insulated earlier this year so we are now feeling the benefit . :-)