Saturday, 12 November 2011


Good Evening and a big hello to my new follower A Penny Saved.

I've had quite a busy time over the last week. My daughter had her confirmation so lots of preparation for that and then the event itself. I feel like I haven't stopped all week, getting in the car and driving back and forth from place to place. A hospital appointment where I was told something 'should'nt cause me too much bother'' but since I have looked into this , I think it should be investigated a little more so I have to follow that up. Also some overtime at work, very useful but tiring. Then all the usual house and family things to do. We went off today to a local church fete. Not much there to be honest but I did find this little marble pot for £1. I do like my little pots and this will live alongside my other recent find on the mantel piece. I saw an oval mirror for a pound but on close inspection the frame was a plasticy veneer, had it of been wooden I would have snapped it up and given it a bit of a refurb. There are fetes locally over the next two weekends so I hope to find some more gems.