Saturday, 26 November 2011

Church Christmas Fete

Fete season continues, today the Church fete and later in the week the school and village fete. Last year we got to the fete about an hour into it and there was nothing left. This year we arrived promptly just as it began and picked up some goodies. For me, I bought two new Prestige circular cake tins at 20p each, and two more pots for my collection, a little blue one 50p and a large one £3. I also picked up a little blue and white jug for 30p. When I eventually move house I would like a little blue and white collection , maybe in the kitchen. My daughter found a game of Cluedo for 50p. Back home we checked it out and only the lead pipe piece is missing, so I'm sure we can improvise on that. A well known catalogue shop is advertising Cluedo at £15 so we had a real bargain with that, if she gets bored with it we can re donate it. We also picked up a brand new cotton blouse for my daughter, 50p still with the original price tag of £9.50. It is the next size up so I am keeping it for next summer. She also bought a brand new packaged ,charm style chunky bracelet, silver with 4 chunky heart charms .This was also 50p, I've seen similar in the shops for upwards of £5. I love mooching round the fete's , you can get the retail therapy fix for a fraction of the price and often the stuff can be brand new. Whilst there we took advantage of some home made bakewell tart, well it would be rude not too wouldn't it  !!
Cluedo - It was Miss Piggy Bank at the Church fete with a 50p piece

Nice cotton blouse, brand new with tag only 50p


  1. Great finds and great prices. Well done!

  2. Oh I love this post! Your children sound so money savy too!

    Congrats on your treasures. If I need a shopping fix I head to charity shops or car boots or fetes or bazaars! Or I buy a present for someone.

    Sft x

  3. Love fete time! Good job on those great bargains!

  4. Good finds there especially the Cluedo!