Tuesday, 22 March 2016

300th post and 5 years of blogging.

This month sees the fifth anniversary of my blog with this post being my 300th. Life takes over sometimes and posts can be sporadic. I'm not a blogger who is interested in getting the most page views or getting any kind of freebies or sponsorship. I started blogging because I was interested in reading about likeminded people and their stories. I also like picking up tips from other people and applying them in my own everyday life. Five years seems to have gone rather quickly, here's to the next five years !


  1. Happy blogiversary!!

    Like you I just love reading blogs by like minded folk and having conversations with them about stuff my real life friends and colleagues aren't interested in :-)

  2. Congratulations! Time flies when you blog, doesn't it? Think I've been blogging for around 8 but used to be on Vox which was wiped a few years back.