Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Pre Christmas Chazzing

I had a quick venture out of the house today. I went into a nearby town for a bit of shopping and to look in the charity shops. I saw a pair of brand new black leather Hotter shoes. Slight heel but with a twist pattern on the front , would have been nice for work and at only £6 a real bargain. The downside, they were a size 9. I did try them on, just in case, but they were like boats. My size is 7.5/8 but the 9 was just too big. Its probably why they are still sat on the shelf , as in a smaller size they would have been long gone ! I did however come away with something. I spotted a dark brown Kipling bag, used at £4.49. Its style is called 'Robin' and its more of a handbag style than rucksack or holdall. It was in very good condition apart from some marks on the inside. I've put it through on a quick wash and the marks seem to have all gone. I'm pleased with the bag as they can be quite expensive new but they are practical , washable and fold up easily unlike rigid leather bags. 


  1. Well done on the handbag bargain (photo? hint hint??), it's great to spot a real find, puts a little spring in your step!

  2. Well done, I love a cs bargain. So lovely to have you back. X

  3. Sounds like you have some good CSs in your area. Jx