Sunday, 30 June 2013

Still trying to live better for less

Hi Bloggers and thank you to my new followers, please drop in from time to time.

When I began my blog it was in the main about living better for less. I still try to do this and try and source bargains wherever possible. I have managed to get a few cheeky bargains recently from the British Heart Foundation charity shops. Recently I got a brand new Kipling bag , although someone had removed the monkey! I got this for £5.99 and the bags retail in excess of £30 brand new. Today I got a Tula leather bag, although second hand for £3.99. It was in excellent condition with no nasty lingering smells or scratches and I have seen a similar bag online for £47.

Food wise I have managed to get some bargains and these will go in the freezer for meals later in the month:
Warburtons loaf 45p reduced from £1.49
Leeks 25p reduced from £2.09
Egg custards 19p reduced from 69p
2 packs of diced lamb 89p per pack reduced from £5 each
Pack of diced beef £1.79 reduced from £4.99

And lastly two bunches of flowers 29p reduced from £2 per bunch ( they were on offer at £2- should have been £4 !!)

Bye for now x


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  1. Great food bargains - particularly the meat.I can't believe how expensive it is now - we've been meatfree for almost a year now and the price has absolutely shot up in that time.