Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Blog Vacation

Hello bloggers. I have decided to take a blog vacation, events are such that they are consuming all my waking hours and I feel I am not good company ( if I ever was lol ). I hope to be back soon. I am off now for a bath and a chill out. Bye for now


  1. Hope things improve quickly for you. Take care. x

  2. we'll be here when you get back enjoy your "Blog Vacation."


  3. Take care and we'll see soon - hope everything looks brighter for you soon xxx

  4. Hi, i have popped by afew times recently. I have only just recently started to follow some blogs as i have been looking for inspiration and tips on living more frugally. I hope every thing is going well for you with your new dog, they can be very rewarding emotionally but tiring and hard work at times too. My dog jess is a real character, like a naughty toddler and i curse her most days with her muddy paws etc but i enjoy getting out in the fresh air with her, though she takes up more time than i can spare some days.Hope you have some good times soon, Spring is just round the corner ! 1`ll pop back and hope you are back to blogging soon.

  5. Aah Miss PB,
    I will miss you. You make me laugh and I love it when you leave me a comment on my blog. Hope you are felling more of a miss perky piggy really soon. So sad you are feeling down.

    Lots lof love
    Sarah at frugal in bucks. Xxx

  6. Hi
    You take it easy.You have had a major house move.Sometimes things build up and get to much. Its good you recognise that you need to take some time for yourself(as much as we can in the scheme of life!)
    Thanks for the lovely hello! Thinking of you. x x

  7. forgot to say it runs up till the 31st March!.I know you are thinking what I am thinking!!well we are frugal xx
    Hope you are ok to x

  8. Hi miss PB,

    Just wanted to let you know that if you log in to the Toby website and join the mailing list for your one you get a voucher for 2 courses for 2 people for £12.50 so starter or desert free. Only soup or ice cream I think but enjoy yourself anyway.

    Sarah x