Thursday, 8 November 2012

New phone

Good afternoon and welcome to two new followers Kerry and Monica Luis, thank you both for joining.

My mobile phone is about five years old. It was my husbands before mine and has worked well until about a week ago. The screen keeps disappearing and going all strange I decided it was time to replace it. Now I am not fussed about gadgets and certainly not bothered about I Phones etc , all  I need is to be able to make a call and send text messages. I am also keeping my existing £5 Virgin simcard which gives me free calls to other Virgin mobiles, 100 free minutes and unlimited text messages. I can go on the Internet at 30p a time but I never do. My old phone was a basic Nokia and suited me fine for a long time. I looked on line at various phones but I wanted one with digits to press and not a touch screen, again I'm not into the gadget thing so not bothered about touchscreen. We went into Tesco last night and I bought one off the shelf for £40. It is a Nokia handset ,sim free and Virgin compatible, with a more modern QWERTY keyboard. I'm really not fussed about Facebook,Twitter and other social apps to be with me 24/7 as I carry my phone around and I don't see the point of expensive phones and contracts. So today I am having a play and finding out how the new phone works. All my contacts have been successfully transferred over so hopefully no one has been left behind on the old phone. TTFNx


  1. ThAAnks for the shout out!

    I too am with Virgin. Cheapest plans going around.

    Look forward to your future posts


  2. I was with Vodaphone until two months ago and switched over to Virgin and a Blackberry. Before that I had a basic phone that did nothing but text and call. I was quite happy with it but the offer for the upgraded service was £10 cheaper a month! How could I refuse - and it came with a free Blackberry. I save £10 a month and can access all my email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Funny thing is - I never do! A phone is a phone to me! But it's nice to have the option!