Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Mystery is .....................

Welcome firstly to my new follower Mumasu. Thank you for joining and sorry for the delay in welcoming you.

I've been absent for a while now, but I can finally reveal why...... I have sold my house !!! Yes its gone and completed this week. We have moved into a rented property on a temporary basis so that we can look for a new place and be chain free. At the moment I am really busy and living like Steptoe with stuff everywhere but it is slowly been packed away. My decluttering
exercise came in useful that I started last year as we got rid of lots of stuff in anticipation of a home move.

The sale was a bit of a fluke. A chance conversation with someone we know, who then expressed an interest in buying the house. We had it valued and they made us an offer. Although lower than the valuation , it was a private sale with no estate agents involved and more importantly no fee's to pay. The sale went through in a month so as you can imagine its been very hectic for us just lately. Now begins the process of looking for a new house......wish me luck !


  1. Wow that's great! Congratulations! I don't know how anyone sells a home as part of a chain - the amount of times they fall through!

  2. Oh, CONGRATULATIONS! This is splendid news for you all, I am so pleased.

    I know you'll end up in the house of your dreams.

    Sft x

  3. Thank you for welcoming me. I too moved in the summer and did a de-clutter then. This revealed that I need to massively de-clutter further but none of my children will agree. The way it goes is that I want to get rid of half they own, and they want to keep it all plus acquire more. It was so easy when they were little and I could just get rid and they didn't notice. Oh well. :)

  4. That's fabulous news! It's wonderful to be chain free too and it puts you in a great position for when you find somewhere.

  5. Brilliant news! hoping you find the right place soon!

    blessings xx

  6. Congratulations, and good luck in finding a new home.

  7. That's fantastic news, even better that you didn't have to involve estate agents, I hate the thought of lining other peoples pockets when you buy and sell, the amount of people that seem to make money off the back of that game!
    Enjoy your new place for a bit, and I hope you find something perfect when the time comes for you to buy again!

  8. Well done on selling your house so quickly,I hope you find just what your looking for really soon,best wishes,x